If you really want to make money on your own then you need to provide some type of value that people are willing to pay for. People are always willing to pay for resources that promise to make them better at something.If you are good educator and have excellent teaching skills you can earn more than $5000 Monthly from your only one online course from a single website.Here we have elisted 7 simple ways to make money online as an Educator.

1. Start a Blog

You might think blogs are ridiculous or you might not have any insight into them at all. Either way, blogs are one of the most powerful marketing tools you have at your disposal and the best way to get into being an online educator.

Blogs are great because they become the gateway to your other resources. For example, this post you are reading now is free and so it exposes you to my teachings. If you decide to sign up for the mailing list to receive something then that walks you further along the path. Maybe down the road you end up buying one of my courses.

It wouldn’t have happened without a blog.

With a blog, you can build an audience that is your own. That is important because when you’ve built up an audience of True Fans then you have no limit to how much you can earn.

If starting a blog is the path for you, you should check out our free, in depth guide on Blog Simple Guide. (This is not your average “how to blog post”. It’s a 60+ page guide that takes you behind the blogging curtain).

2. Create Online Courses on Udemy

If you are going to create online courses then you need some type of video platform to offer them. While there are a ton out there, Udemy is one that you should consider because it has a built-in audience for you.

Udemy is an online course marketplace so if you upload a course to the site you have a chance of random people coming by to purchase it. Udemy handles a lot of the marketing and it simply comes down to you getting good ratings for your courses. It’s similar to putting a book up on Amazon.

However, using Udemy doesn’t mean you should forgo creating a blog. A blog is still your best way of creating an audience that you can send over to Udemy whenever you create a course.

3. Become a Freelance Writer

If you aren’t sure about starting your own blog yet or are hoping to make money quickly then you should take a look into becoming a freelance writer. Because Content is King, many sites are willing to pay for the content people write.

But guess what? If you want to land great freelance jobs then it helps to have…a blog. Why? Because nobody is going to hire someone until they see some writing samples from them. A blog acts like your portfolio so you always have a place to send people for writing samples.

You don’t need to be a professional writer to get into freelance writing. You just have to have a decent grasp of whatever language you choose to write in and the ability to do some research.

4. Self-Publish a Book

Just write a book!

I know I make it sound easier than it is, but writing books can be very lucrative. I’m not talking about writing a book and trying to get it published by a major publishing company. You don’t need them.

You can simply write your own books and publish them yourself on Amazon. There are a lot of authors making 6-figures from their $2-$5 books on Amazon.

Just like with creating an online course the hardest part isn’t creating the book but building an audience that wants to buy it.

You should consider starting a blog to build up that audience. You’re going to kill me by the end of this post if I bring up blogging any more times.

5. Become an Online Tutor

Tutoring is a service that has been around since school was invented. With the creation of the web online tutoring has become a lot more commonplace.

Instead of being in the same room as the student, you can simply teach them over video.

6. Sell Activity Packs on Etsy

Most people associate Etsy with arts & crafts, but it really is so much more than that.

Selling activity packs allow parents and teachers to help young people not only stay preoccupied but learn at the same time. Show the world that television isn’t the best babysitter.

7. Sell Lesson Plans

If you think about all of the teachers that are there in the world then just imagine how many lesson plans are out there! Does it make sense to always create your own custom ones for your students when you can outsource that work to others allowing you to focus on other things?

That’s the premise behind Teachers Pay Teachers.

Teachers upload their lesson plans for other teachers to use. If you’re a teacher that has created lesson plans in the past then you might already be sitting on the resources needed to start making money today.

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